Supporting Grassroots Trust Rescue Helicopter

28 October 2022
grassroots trust rescue helicopte
Our #SmartPackGivingBack Charity this week was chosen by Dexter, our Procurement Manager. Being an avid mountain biker he loves being outdoors but understands the types of difficult situations you can find yourself in, especially when in a remote place. This is why he has chosen to support Grassroots Trust Rescue Helicopter.

Grassroots Trust Rescue Helicopter provides support to search and rescue missions right through to medical emergencies. They work around the close and can access remote locations within minutes. It’s a comfort for many to know that charity groups like them are operating and ready to help when the community need them most.

Grassroots Trust Rescue Helicopter
Grassroots Trust Rescue Helicopter

The Grassroots Trust Rescue Helicopter is a Kawasaki BK117. This single-pilot twin-engine helicopter has commonly been used as a rescue helicopter due to its speed, reliability and ability to fly close to cliff faces which makes it the best aircraft for all types of missions. The Helicopter has been specially fitted for rescues and is equipped with state-of-the-art avionics and medical equipment such as night vision goggles, a 600lb rescue winch, stretcher, defibrillator and ventilator, to ensure the best care possible for patients onboard.

With a cruise speed of 222 kilometers per hour and a max speed of 278 kilometers per hour and powered by a team of Pilots, Crewmen and Critical Care Flight Paramedics, the BK117 can be airborne within 10 minutes during the day (or 20 minutes at night) to deliver rescue personnel to patients in need, with the ability to provide life-saving in-flight care along the way.

If you too would like to support Grassroots Trust Rescue Helicopter, Donate Here.