K-Strong bags are multi-ply paper bags. They have a water-resistant surface on the outer shell designed to help protect your product from external moisture and extend product shelf life while maintaining full photographic print capabilities. And the best thing is, they perform just as well but use 70%* less plastic than traditional woven polypropylene bags.

K-Strong is available in both open mouth/block bottom and valve bag (cement bag) designs. Every bag is fully customizable to suit your requirements.







  • Open Mouth
  • Valve
  • Plain Bags
  • Printed Front, Back & Gussets
  • Cut Top
  • Easy Open Tape
  • Carry Handle





  • Cement
  • Building Materials (plasters, dry mortar)
  • Food
  • Pet Food
  • Agricultural products
  • Chemicals
  • Minerals
  • Seed
  • Stock Feed
  • Fertilizers



  • Environmentally Friendly
  • High Tear Strength
  • Moisture Resistant
  • High Definition Printing
  • Breathable
  • Cleaner Bags
  • High Speed Automation Filling


K-Strong Benefits

The bag is designed so that the multi-ply layers of paper work as the core strength with the outer layers laminated together to provide the necessary strength and water resistance. They’re actually stronger than conventional 3-ply paper bags, whilst also being scratch proof and water resistant. This all contributes to a longer shelf life.

If you have a product that needs eye-catching graphics with fine detail, this product is a standout option. We can print it in full high definition.

And when it comes to efficiency, K-Strong bags allow automatic filling with filling speed to match that of standard paper valve bags. The block bottom construction makes K-strong bags easy and tidy to stack and palletise.

After many requests for a bag that is environmentally friendly, water resistant, with a high print quality and at an affordable price point we went on a hunt. In our pursuit for the best bag option that is most 'fit for purpose' whilst having the least environmental impact, we feel we have nailed it with K-Strong.


*70% less is an indicative amount when comparing a typical woven PP bag used in the same environment/market that K-Strong could replace.