BOPP Laminated Bags


We supply BOPP Bags, Laminated Bags, Full Colour Printed Bags and more for many industries.

BOPP Laminated polypropylene bags are used for multiple products including stock feed, seed, fertilizer, animal by-products and minerals to name a few.

BOPP Laminated bags are a woven polypropylene bag laminated with BOPP (Bi-axially Orientated Polypropylene) film. When using the BOPP bag it enables high quality roto-gravure printing that is commonly used for products sold where visual perception is important. The roto-gravure printing method enables the use of complex designs in gloss or matte finish to ensure your brand is represented perfectly.


  • Clear Gusset/Window
  • Full Colour Photographic Printing
  • Easy Open Tape
  • Carry Handle
  • Multiple Size Options
  • Perforations For Breath-ability
  • Lined With Craft Paper
  • PE Liner




  • Grains & Seeds
  • Fertilizer
  • Minerals
  • Sand/Aggregates
  • Stock Feed
  • Mining
  • Powders
  • Food Production By-Products
  • Potatoes
  • Animal By Products
  • Landscaping Materials




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