Meet Tiffany

  If you phone us between 9am and 3pm then Tiffany will probably take your call. She’s good like that. Officially, Tiffany takes care of our admin and accounts. But she has so much energy and nous, that she helps us out... Continue Reading

Is packaging graphic design in your Too Hard Basket?

 Last week I had a call from a prospective customer. They were looking for a better packaging solution for their product. No problem.   But as I worked through their requirements, I realised they’d fallen into the same trap as many of our clients... Continue Reading

Why good packaging graphics are good for business

Paying careful attention to your packaging design is not just for fancy consumer brands. Even packaging in the primary sector can benefit from good branding and graphics. Whether it’s to promote the benefits of your product, ensure brand recognition, provide usage instructions,... Continue Reading

Rethinking tree packaging

Heard of Leafland? Leafland grow specimen trees and send them all over NZ. Their customers are generally people who plant a fair amount of trees, like councils or landscapers. You get the idea. Now, if you’ve ever bought and planted any trees... Continue Reading