Our team has frontline experience in primary sector industries, so it’s not just talk – we have the on-ground knowledge to seriously help. And while knowledge is critical, the real Smart Pack difference is our attitude. Every single person here will go further to get you the results you want, and if that means driving our own ute at midnight to make an urgent delivery deadline, we’ll do it. We’ve done it.

We’ll always be upfront with you, and while we’re serious about delivering the goods, we’ll always make it enjoyable along the way too. It’s why we started our business in 2015, and it’s why we’ll always go the distance for our clients.

A whole lot of energy,
directed where it’s needed.

‘Smart Pack was established in 2015 because I felt I could genuinely help clients who wanted seriously good packaging, with a top level of service to back it up. Luckily a few of those around me, including my Father, felt there could be some merit in the idea, so we got to work to bring it to a reality.

I’ve always been hands-on. My family has been in the Horticultural business forever, so I did my fair share of planting and harvesting crops as a kid. I went on to work for a flooring products importer and learned the fundamentals of business management, as well as international trade & distribution. I then worked for a local stock feed manufacturing business, dealing in every aspect of grassroots agriculture. Getting in the thick of it is what it’s about.

Its a pleasure to guide our awesome team, to bring the vision together, for the benefit of every client we have.

Everyone here goes the extra mile to help our clients be their best. It’s the way we’re wired. Bags and sacks might be our business, but it’s really about people and performance, energy and attitude. Every day.’

Leon Currie
Managing Director


Leon Currie

Managing Director

Levi Currie

Sales Director

Blake Currie

Key Account Manager

Hugo Cox

Key Account Manager

Garth Hill

Business Development Manager

Clarke Wycherley

Sales Support

Phoenix Currie

Executive Assistant

Laura McGillivray

Finance Officer

Ashley Hodges

Marketing Manager

Tiffany Smith

Purchasing & Logistics Manager

Dexter Hall

Operations Manager

Joseph Wycherley

Production Manager & Operations Support

Lucas Grapes

Warehouse & Dispatch Manager

Theo Pearce

Production Assistant